Berry Fall Colors

Cindy | October 7, 2014

Tis’ the season to get crafty!

Fall is a season full of colors—and not just the reds, yellows and oranges of the leaves. The deep, vibrant colors found in berries (like shades of purple, pink and red) provide a beautiful mix of warm and cool colors for fall-inspired décor.

Whether you’re keeping up with the latest fall fashion trends or decorating your house for a holiday party, the berry color palettes found in our new Berry Fall Colors Pinterest board are sure to inspire countless hours of crafting! Here are a few ideas I plan on trying:

berry inspired table settingThis vivacious table setting is guaranteed to make any dining room stand out. The rich and juicy colors of magenta, navy, pink and violet complement the table and surroundings perfectly. Notice this isn’t just any normal flower arrangement, either. This bouquet is full of colored pine cones, nuts, dried berries and a variety of flowers— all the outdoor beauties you find this time of year!

berry inspired pillowsAdding simple, fall-colored accessories like these berry-colored pillows is great for when you want to decorate around the house, but don’t have much time to dedicate yourself to custom crafts.

3880fd9a85fe1eb9c4d62b0db4310881If you take a long look at a bowl of fresh berries, you’ll start to realize that they aren’t just one color. Blueberries have spots of deep purples and at times even the slightest hint of pink–both of which go beautifully with light browns and grays. This blue color combination is one of my favorites!

CG-10447_RasTrnOvrs_DSC1665OK, I know this last one isn’t exactly a craft or décor item…but what good is a beautifully decorated fall home without the heavenly scent of baked goods? These raspberry turnovers are so incredibly easy to make!

Are you busting out the hot glue guns and fabric samples now? I hope this Berry Fall Colors board gets your brain a’ rollin’ as much as it did mine!

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