Avocado Toast with Strawberries and Bacon

Kristin | January 3, 2017

Anyone else have an obsession with avocado toast? (Insert raised-hand emoji here). It's one of my favorite foods. Sometimes I even eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lucky for me, not only does it take #5orFewer ingredients to make, but it's #500orFewer calories, coming in at about 200 calories per piece of toast (score). 

Wanting to switch up my usual avocado toast creation, I started experimenting with different combos, like this avocado toast with strawberries and bacon. Seriously. You may be thinking, strawberries and bacon with avocado? YES. Like run to your kitchen right now and make this. The salty bacon combined with our sweet strawberries is an irrestiable combination. As my co-worker, Val, said "the strawberries are so refreshing after biting into the bacon."

Do you have a favorite avocado toast combo? I'd love to hear! 



California Giant strawberries, sliced

Avocado, sliced

Maple bacon, cooked to your preference

Bread, toasted


Toast bread to your preference. Spread sliced avocado on toast. Top with bacon. Add sliced strawberries and enjoy!




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