A Day Without Emojis

Cal Giant | June 14, 2017


How dependent are you on those little faces on your phone? You just sent one didn’t you? We get it, a text just isn’t the same without an emoji attached. It’s like telling a joke and leaving out the punch line. Can you even imagine a day without them? Just the thought gives us all the 😭 😭 😭 😭. But as much as we love them, there are some serious holes in our beloved emoticon board… Most importantly, berries.

Having only a 🍓 is so exclusive. Isn’t it rubbing it in a little when strawberry also gets a 🍰? That seems very Marie Antoinette. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries can’t even get representation and strawberry gets cake?! What if you had a raspberry smoothie for breakfast? Or are serious Wonka fans and want to make an obscure Violet Beauregarde reference? See you need a blueberry! The thing is there are some serious emoji injustices happening and we think it’s time to stand together (or suffer through) “A Day Without Emojis” to represent those that are being left behind. Are you with us? 🙋 ✊ oops… those were the last ones, we promise!  

We went a day without emojis, and the outcome was brutal…




Now, look at how much easier it is to express your thoughts with emojis…




To help us make our dream of having berry emojis for all come true, take a minute to sign our petition!

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