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When it comes to breast cancer, don’t just think pink, think BLUE!

Avid Breast Cancer Advocates could consider adding the color blue to their color palettes. A diet rich in blueberries has been linked to reduced breast cancer tumor growth, according to a recent study by the researchers at the City of Hope in Los Angeles published in the October 2011 Journal of Nutrition.

We’ve been raving about the health benefits of blueberries for some time now - they are rich in certain phytochemicals and antioxidants that affect cell growth and fight free radicals. But the bioactive substances in blueberries that have been shown to inhibit different components of tumor growth and metastasis of aggressive forms of breast cancer truly make these little blue fruits a SUPER food.

During the study, researchers separated mice into different high-blueberry diet, low-blueberry diet and control diet groups. Tumor size was reduced by 60-75 percent in the mice fed diets containing blueberries. In addition, molecular analysis suggested that cancer risk can decline from blueberry consumption.

At California Giant Berry Farms, we are proud to provide yummy products with the ability to fight cancer and make people happier and healthier. Researchers say that all it takes is just 2 cups of fresh blueberries per day to improve women’s health. And, ALL of our berries have unique health benefits to men, women and children alike, so even the smallest improvement to someone’s health from consuming fresh berries is a difference that we certainly care about!

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our well-being, so share with us other tips to help fight cancer on a daily basis!

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